New Puppy Instructions


I suggest purchasing a crate for your puppy to travel, sleep in, and have down time in. Wal Mart seems to have the best prices on crates or Amazon.

Pick a crate big enough for your puppy to sleep in…but not bounce around and play in! (If  the crate is too large,  if its large enough for a “potty spot”, the  puppy will eventually learn to poop in the crate.which is NOT what you want to start happening!)


Next important item is a “puppy play pen” or “exercise pen”. These are usually 8 wire panels hooked together that fold out like an accordion . You can arrange this pen in many different shapes to contain your puppy   and they are also useful to block  a puppy out of a room . I don’t ever buy the tall 3-4′ Pens, only the 2 foot size. It’s much easier to step into the pen to get the puppy if you can actually step over the sides…the doors to the pens are basically useless.Good luck trying to bend over to open the  door  while your puppy is jumping from excitement on the other side ! Its much easier just to have a pen low enough that you can step over the side. 

You can put a bed and toys in the playpen as well as their crate. This becomes your puppy’s space for when they are not supervised. While your puppy is still going through hisvaccination process you want to make sure that you put a potty pad tray in their playpen that way they can use it if they need to. Your puppy cannot go outside even if it is your own yard until two weeks after their last booster at 15 or 16 weeks.


 We love the toys by outbound hound. 

Leashes and collars 

You can buy your puppy a collar, but only have them wear it while they are supervised. For you to purchase a harness you will start with an XS and then move to an S. Long leash so that you can attach it to the harness while they’re inside your home and they do not have free roam and can get into things are not supposed to. A shorter leash or retractable leash is recommended for walks once your puppy has been fully vaccinated.

Treats and Chew Toys

Buy your puppy  fresh apples,  soft carrots and kong toys. They make great chew toys and your puppy needs to chew!

They love the freeze dried chicken liver and beef liver. 

Rawhide is dangerous, don’t buy it for your puppy! 

You can use Nuvet wafers as a treat for them or their own kibble. Do not purchase treats from the store as they are highly processed and can upset her stomach or set off an allergy.

Potty training 

I highly recommend that you put your puppy on a schedule and this will make potty training a lot easier. Baxter & Bella has a great process to show you how to teach your puppy how to successfully do this. 

You can access Baxter & Bella by visiting my website and clicking on the link and using the code and ENCHANTED to save 25% off. They have great guides and resources along with trainers to help you through anything you may need in raising your puppy through the many stages he will go through. 

In regards to potty training, we have introduced all of the puppies to potty pads since they were four weeks old. This does not mean that your puppy is fully trained and it is a process that you will have to continue at home. Removing food and water three hours before putting them in their playpen or kennel before bedtime will help them not have accidents during the night.

2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner (Fresh Spring Petals) 16 oz

Puppies will need to go potty after they eat, play or sleep. So having a designated time to take your puppy to potty every hour or so would be best. 

Puppy should be on a schedule for feeding two or three times a day. Having a schedule will also help being able to take your puppy to the designated area to potty at the time that they need. 

The potty paths that we use here you can purchase them on Amazon they are the GLAD brand. We also suggest a party tray preferably with a cover said that the puppy does not rip the puppy pad.


Your puppy is currently eating PURINA PROPLAN SMALL BREED FOR PUPPIES.

Depending on your puppy’s weight is how much he will need to be eating per day. Please refer to the back of the bag for nutritional information and a serving guide. 

Please do not give your puppy tap water. You want to make sure that it is filtered or bottled water.


Here are some of my favorites:


Cleansing Wipes

Deodorizing Mist


Getting your puppy home

Pick up in TX

Visit us in person to pick up in Houston, TX . We will meet with you to deliver your puppy.

Ground transportation

Have your puppy transported to you via car or van. Local deliveries are available door to door.

Pick up at breeder’s airport

Have your puppy delivered at William P. Hobby Airport or George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Flight nanny

Have your puppy flown to your nearest airport in the cabin with a chaperone. Rates range from $850 nationwide on confirm flights. Busy travel times may change rates. We are happy to provide you with a quote from our flight nanny.