The Process for buying a puppy

It is an honor that you are considering one of our Enchanted Shih Tzu. We know that the search for the right breed, breeder and puppy can be very difficult online. With so many scammers out there we understand every client’s hesitation in the process. We encourage you to ask questions and get to know us and our puppies!

The first step to get started on purchasing one of our puppies is to fill out a puppy application,

The application is totally free and requires no obligation. Complete the application and wait to hear from us or if you would like for us to answer questions prior to filling out the application please call!

If you are interested specifically in a listed puppy, let us know this on your application. If you aren’t ready for a puppy right now, but would like to be notified when we have a puppy that matches your application let us know this also, as you submit your application.

We are simply gathering information and looking for committed homes for our puppies.  If your application demonstrates your commitment to bringing a puppy into your home, that is primary.  Other than that, we use the application to help us help you.   After the application is approved, it is time to place a deposit.

The deposits are as follows:

7 + week old puppies require a 50% deposit to hold

Born litters require a $400.00 deposit to be added to that litter’s waitlist.

Upcoming litters require a $150.00 waitlist deposit. Once a litter is ready we will notify waitlist in order of deposits received if they would like to be added to that litter’s list. An additional deposit is due of $250.00 totaling $400.00 to be added to a born litter’s waitlist.

You can pay the balance once you pick up your puppy or 72 hrs prior to an arranged flight if you are not local.

We had a wonderful experience the through out the whole process. Belinda was very responsive with all our questions . We could tell our pup Marty was very loved and was healthy. Marty has been a wonderful addition to our family!